With hundreds of live performances under her belt, Peta has a deep understanding of the voice, and how to use it in a way that allows continuous improvement and sustainability.

Having received vocal training from some of Australia’s leading vocal coaches, Peta has spent years applying this knowledge and developing her skills in a contemporary context. Her holistic approach to teaching is based on what Peta has learned both as a student herself and as a performer, driving her focus to teach students to combine correct vocal technique with performance and delivery.


* Please note lesson plans vary between students, depending on age, experience and goals.

-Students will learn the fundamentals of vocal training, including the use of breath and the diaphragm to create clear, projected and sustained notes.

-Students will learn about the use of diction and vowel sounds to achieve clarity of all notes in a phrase.

-Students will learn to incorporate a variety of vocal exercises into their training which aim to expose every part of the voice for ultimate range extension.
-Increase vocal control and consistency by teaching the student about correct placement when delivering notes using visual and practical exercises.
-Help students to develop their unique sound and artistry
-Increase confidence and passion!