six10 has a fully equipped recording studio, kitted out with the absolute best and industry standard UAD plug ins running on the latest Pro Tools software. Add to that our mic and hardware collection combined with our talented producer/engineers and you’ve got a lethal mix to track and create incredible recordings.

a comfortable tracking space with skilled recording engineers

Situated upstairs at six10, the recording studio is the pride and joy of the facility. Headed up by producer engineer Richard Austin, The studio is equipped with hardware from the likes of Universal Audio, Avalon, A-designs  as well as Neve Mic pre, 1176 and Pultec EQP-1A clones. Based around Pro Tools and UAD software the space also boasts  numerous  instruments and midi controllers, making it perfect to track a full band or to utilise as a song writing, production suite.

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Rick Austin producer/engineer

At six10 we provide world class recording facilities to cater for projects of any size and budget.

Excellence in one’s craft can be achieved only through the long-term combination of passion and commitment. Since picking up his first drum sticks at the young age of 10, Sydney-based multi- instrumentalist,  producer/engineer Rick Austin has demonstrated no shortage of either virtue.

Rick has honed his musical and technical abilities through countless hours of performance and research, developing himself into a veritable Swiss army knife of music production that is capable of engaging with artists of varied disciplines and adapting to different roles as necessary. In this time he has amassed a body of work that not only spans genres but demonstrates his aptitude in all stages of the musical process, from writing and performing to engineering and production.

Listen to some of Ricks work and send us an enquiry to find out how he can help nurture your vision and take your project from demo stages to a radio or streaming ready release.

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